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Now accepting Telehealth appointments.

Elite Medical Center is an efficient go-to clinic
for exceptional care in North Providence, Rhode Island.

Elite Medical Center

Primary Care and Wellness Practice in Providence, RI

Our mission is to provide the people of Providence and surrounding areas with the opportunity for improved access to high-quality care. The friendly and collaborative medical group spends time addressing the unique needs of every individual they treat. We value our relationship with our patients. We employ a holistic treatment approach to acute and chronic illnesses while promoting and emphasizing preventative medicine and overall health and wellness for all.

Here at Elite Medical Center, patients get easy access to their providers with low wait times and same-day appointments when requested. For added convenience, we also provide walk-in care, so patients don’t have to waste hours in an emergency room for minor needs that can be quickly addressed.



Want to access quality care from the comfort of your home,  or trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor, we offer telehealth via video or telephone and it is safe and easy.

Our Providers

Meet Our Friendly And Collaberative Team

Dr. Oluseyi Grace Abioye-Akanji


Dr. Grace Akanji is a highly motivated doctoral-prepared Nurse Practitioner with many years of experience in Family and Internal Medicine. She received her Acute Care Nurse Practitioner degree at Rhode Island College, and received her Doctor of Nursing Practice/Family Nurse Practitioner degree at the University of Massachusetts. She has worked at various community clinics in Rhode Island as a primary care provider managing various acute and chronic diseases for diverse ethnic populations from infants through geriatrics. Dr. Akanji’s interests also include wellness and preventive care to achieve optimum well-being. She recently received the Extraordinary Quality Award in Diabetes Control at Providence Community Health Center where she worked as a family medicine provider for over 5 years before joining Elite Medical Center. Dr. Akanji is a board-certified Family and Acute care provider. She is bilingual, fluent in her native Nigerian language of Yoruba, and in English language. She offers in-clinic services, as well as telehealth services via telephone and video consultation.

Fatima Khadar

Family and Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner

Fatima Khadar is a board certified adult/gerontology nurse practitioner in Rhode Island for over 14 years of experience as a nurse practitioner.

She has over 30 years experience in nursing.  She started her nursing career as a LPN.  She continued her education at the Community college of Rhode Island School of nursing and graduated with an associate of science in nursing  which prepared her to become a registered nurse.  This was important to Fatima because she wanted to be able to work in that capacity while pursuing her ultimate dream of becoming a nursing practitioner.

She completed the RN to BSN program at the University of Rhode Island and continued in the Master of Science program and graduated as a gerontology nurse practitioner in 2007.

Fatima with her years of experience has worked in local nursing homes and hospitals.  For over 12 years she has been giving back to the community by caring for a diversity of patients as a mid level provider in the primary care setting providing preventative and chronic disease management.  She also has a background in Psych.  She provided clinical assessments, treatments, behavioral and medication management to residents in long term care settings in collaboration with the behavioral health consultant as a member of the interdisciplinary team assigned to the facility.  

As a minority and always trying to encourage others that they can accomplish anything they set their minds on, Fatima decided to lecture at the Community College of Rhode Island as assistant professor of nursing for a few years.  The impact she made on the students that crossed her path remains greatly cherished.

Her calm and compassionate personality is what makes her develop a long term relationship and “friendship” with her patients.  She believes in the holistic approach to patient care and makes every effort to address gaps and psychosocial issues in their care. 

Fatima is very family oriented, culturally sensitive and highly involved in her local community organizations.