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Primary Care

Preventive care is a key focus here at Elite Medical Center & Wellness. Our providers are on a mission to help you stay healthy with regular checkups and immunizations, but we’re also there for when illness strikes, whether it be an occasional acute illness or support guidance managing chronic conditions.

We want our patients' needs met at every stage of life so they can live their best possible lives.

Acute Care

Acute care is a branch of secondary health care where patients receive treatment for their injuries or illness that require immediate attention.

The caring team at Elite Medical Center provides treatment for a wide range of acute health conditions, such as but not limited to: Ear, nose, and throat infections, Pink eye, Allergies, Asthma attacks, Bronchitis, Common cold, Flu, Pneumonia, Strep throat, Bladder infection, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Contraceptive care, pregnancy testing, birth control care/injection, and Plan B emergency contraception.

We also provide treatments for certain skin conditions such as eczema, ringworm, acne, athlete’s foot, cellulitis, canker and mouth sores, head lice, dandruff, allergic rash, and injuries such as burns and minor skin abrasions.

The objective of acute care is to get patients back to a state of stability as soon as possible.

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Chronic Care

Chronic care is a type of medical treatment that addresses pre-existing or long-term illnesses as opposed to acute care which is concerned with short-term or severe illnesses of brief duration. Our chronic caregivers at Elite Medical Center aim at maintaining wellness through keeping symptoms in remission while balancing treatment regimes and quality of life.

Our team treats and manages common chronic conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid disease, High cholesterol, Asthma, Arthritis as well as Mental health conditions like Anxiety, Depression, Panic disorders, ADHD, and Suboxone treatment.

When these conditions are indicated, we will refer our patients to the best specialists in the Providence area.